The Time Keeper

The Time keeper



Naomi Grindlay: September 26 to November 1 ~ Reception Thursday October 2, 6-8pm

Hi everyone, if you are in and around Victoria, and enjoy my work, please join us at Eclectic art Gallery where my paintings are on show and enjoy a social glass of wine, would love to meet you, talk about art and the meaning of life.

Pleased to announce my show was a success and sold six pieces!


Strawberry Tea

Strawberry TeaOil on oil primed panel 12″x 24″

I bought some tulips to brighten up my kitchen and as I unpacked the rest of the groceries, I set up my still life, lol. You had to be there. The teacup placed to balance out the whiteness of the tulips. The foliage came out the garden.




Breeze36″x12″ Oil on a Panel

A former tug now lying in Ganges harbor, Breeze. The day we sailed out of Ganges harbor, mother nature provided for us the most beautiful light that took my breath away, I was so drawn to painting this, and loved every moment.

Seasoned Avocados

I was making myself breakfast and as I sprinkled salt and pepper on the avocados, I looked down at the arrangement on the colorful plate and reached for my paintbrushes. This is one of my favorite snacks :- )



Pumpkin Vine

Pumpkin Vine2Oil on Oil primed panel 18″x 49″


pumpkin-vine still life set-up

It was the smell of pumpkin pie and the Halloween celebrations that motivated me to paint this still life. I chose the perfect pumpkin at the local farmers market and a good friend of mine who taught me custom framing, selected the rustic shelf especially for my still life. I’ve used this shelf for several paintings since. I bought some fabric from a local fabric store, a vine wreath from a craft store which I pulled apart to create my design. I set-up my still life near a window and using natural day light to illuminate my subject. Pinned a few leaves on the fabric and viola, this is how it turned out.